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What sound does a gun make?

October 2, 2005

I was thinking (while writing a comic) – How do you actually write the sound that a gun makes when you shoot it?

The ones that occurred to me:

Most of them have “h” in it. Anyway thats how I hear it. Do I? Am I nuts?


Movie – Kingdom Of Heaven

October 2, 2005

Will it ever end? I have watched over an hour now, and I can’t stop thinking – When, oh god, when will it end?!

Possibly one of the best actors in this movie dies in the very beginning (Liam Neeson). Orlando – wtf are you doing man?

I haven’t got the story yet. If it is what I think it is then it’s pretty lame. Anyway I hope the other half of the movie will be more exciting.

Ok movie time again… uu someone gets killed.

Bah. Can’t watch it. I Better call Jason and ask if he still has that PP gun. Bye bye DVD!
What a waste…

NFOrce > *

October 1, 2005

What a great invention that is.
– I dont really know what it is, but some people were acting like total jerks and I found out they were “isonews” people. So I discovered that the thing they hate the most is NFOrce.

NFOrce is the best!