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What sound does a gun make?

October 2, 2005

I was thinking (while writing a comic) – How do you actually write the sound that a gun makes when you shoot it?

The ones that occurred to me:

Most of them have “h” in it. Anyway thats how I hear it. Do I? Am I nuts?


Movie – Kingdom Of Heaven

October 2, 2005

Will it ever end? I have watched over an hour now, and I can’t stop thinking – When, oh god, when will it end?!

Possibly one of the best actors in this movie dies in the very beginning (Liam Neeson). Orlando – wtf are you doing man?

I haven’t got the story yet. If it is what I think it is then it’s pretty lame. Anyway I hope the other half of the movie will be more exciting.

Ok movie time again… uu someone gets killed.

Bah. Can’t watch it. I Better call Jason and ask if he still has that PP gun. Bye bye DVD!
What a waste…

TV addiction

October 1, 2005

Is it possible? Can you be addicted to TV? Am I sick?

I think in some extent it is possible. Maybe you are not addicted to TV per say, but sure are addicted to the TV shows. I just wanted to count or list up all the shows that I would or regularly watch on TV and the result was not very good. TV has my sole!

So here is my list (not in any particular order):
That ’70s show
The Simpsons
The Family Guy
American Dad
Amazing Race
Biggest Loser
King Of the Hill
Blue Collar TV
The Ultimate Fighter
American Chopper
Myth Busters
My name is Earl
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia
The Office
Mind of Mencia
Pimp my Ride

And many more that I can’t remember right now. Do I need to see a doctor?
I sure need to cut back.

NFOrce > *

October 1, 2005

What a great invention that is.
– I dont really know what it is, but some people were acting like total jerks and I found out they were “isonews” people. So I discovered that the thing they hate the most is NFOrce.

NFOrce is the best!

Fact #1 – Femur bone – Why? Why not?

October 1, 2005

Femur bone Рthe strongest of them all. At actually can survive about 650 pounds (250 kg) of weights. Amazing!