So, now here I am with my very first blog and with my very first post. My fingers are tingling from excitement.
To the point now. Why would one write a blog? Is there anything that isn’t said? I hope there isn’t and that I still have a chance to talk about some “stuff”.

Anyway lets talk about ME for a little bit. That’s the topic I know the most about.
The thing is that I have the most wierdest life. Or at least I think I do. You see, something always happens to me. No matter what I do I end up in something weird or unusual. Like today when I was just on a bus with my friends and suddenly there is a *bang*! All the people fell (including me) to the front side of the bus. What do you know – the bus hit a car.
Am I cursed like that? Why does always something happen where I am? I’m not saying that it’s always bad, but mostly it is. I seem to mess up even the most simple things – as you can see it now includes riding a bus.

So there we were all looking each other and trying to figure out what had just happened. When my friend Justin pulled the “emergency door opening thing” and pushed to doors open. Who would like to stay in a bus that has just crashed? Not me!

That’s just what happened today. I have stories almost about every day. And this was just one of the “soft” ones. I sure feel like I have a very crazy life and I will post the stories as much as I can. This was just a “hello” post.

Thank you all!

PS: Sorry that I cant spell nor write…


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