Giving away my wordpress invite!

I know many of you out there want this invite as badly as I did. So here’s your chance to get it. All you have to do is write me something interesting that happened to you. The one that I like the best will simply get the invite. It’s easy as 123…

Good luck!


3 Responses to “Giving away my wordpress invite!”

  1. emi Says:

    Something interesting that happened to me… nothing lately, except if discovering a new musical taste counts. I’m in love with “Wicked” and everything Broadway. Unless you like Broadway… oh well, I’m just giving it a shot.

    I’ve been hunting this invite for days and it IS very hard to get. Just out of curiosity, how many invites does the management give out?

  2. scheme Says:

    something interested that happened to me:

    My grandparents had a coffee farm in some mountain and I was sent to live with them. My grandma would hit me with some very thin, very dry, (and very hurtful) branches tied together. one day I got tired of it and tried to hide it/throw it away… I guess I thought the gutter was a good hiding place…. I got a chair, climbed up and was just sooo close(4-6 inches) to the gutter, when all of a sudden who shows up: My grandma!… she takes the branches, gets me down from the chair and long story short I never tried that again….

    I guess it hurt back then but it’s nothing but fond memories now(seriously)

    oh, another one:
    this was a prety rural place(same farm with my grandparents), and there was probably just the one school for the 30-50 kids that lived in the area. one day it was raining really, really bad, so this big kid(compared to me) that was my friend offered to take me home… we go and when we get to my farm he makes me stay under the garage roof so he can go get an umbrella from my grandma’s house…. however he forgot to close the fence to the farm and next thing I know there is this HUGE pig coming towards me… I just start running like hell around because I thought it was gonna bite me, I finally manage to get to the house(which was kinda far away from the garage) and stay safe. The next day the pig’s owner kills it and we(about 15 people) eat it.

    true stories^^^

    I really would appreciate this invite……

  3. unschemed Says:

    You can scratch me off the contest and delete my comments… I’ve managed to finally receive an invite 🙂

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